“Ironwoman!” 3






Raven Mad and Alexandria Hamilton have been chosen to compete in the growing MMW Ironwoman series!  Raven already has a win over Alexandria, and is confident she will be the Ironwoman Champion.  The ladies make their entrances, the bell rings, and the match is on!  TONS of back-and-forth action as the Pro-Gear, Thong Leotard clad ladies go full throttle at eachother with a barrage of punches, stomps, slams, corner work, rope work, skull crusher, camel clutch, crippler, rings of saturn, steiner recliner, scissorholds, and more!  Each lady scores multiple matchbook style leg-hook pins, but which woman will score enough pins to be the winner?  Download to find out!


Length: 20:39

Size: 2 GB