Alexandria is in her changing room, making fun if today’s opponent, 56 years young, Jewellz.  Alex is making fun of Jewellz size and age, boasting how she is going to beat this lady.  Alex drops her robe revealing her sexy silver thong panties and gold bikini top.  Alex admires herself before slipping into the day’s wrestling gear.  Cut to the MMW Dojo.  The two women make their entrances.  the bell rings, the ladies lock up, and this match is underway!  Alex should have taken her opponent much more serious, as Jewellz takes Alex to the school of hard, HARD Knocks!  This is not Jewellz first rodeo, she’s made a habbit of humiliating thicc young ladies like Alex, and today she kicks it uo a notch as she feeds Alexandria Hamilton, America’s BEST Jobber, one of the stiffest beatings she’s ever taken in the ring, amplified by her opponents 20 year age difference, and small stature, this is a MUST have for any fan of total squash matches!  Jewellz mercilessly pummels Alex around the ring continuously ripping the PAWG MILF to her feet by her hair to feed her more punishment, or simply set her back down to the canvas where a true jobber belongs!  Poor Alex ie almost scalped with all of the vicious hair pulling!  It’s a well-known fact the old school ladies LOVE ripping their jobber’s hair out!  Horrendous hair pulling, devastating face and belly punches, at one-point Jewellz even taunts a battered Alex by showing her her fist before each devastating blow to the face.  Back breaking surfboards and bow and arrows, camel clutches, OTK back breaker, Steiner Recliner, headscissor, reverse bearhug, belly to belly bearhug, corner work, rope work, hot shots, a humiliating skull crusher that makes Alex nearly shake, and convulse out of her top!  Armbars, arm locks, crossface, rings of saturn, schoolgirl pin, hammerlock, leglock clutch, pedigree, sleeperhold, and more!  A final leg hook pin seals the deal for MMW newcomer, Jewellz!  Was this a fluke?  Does Alex DARE demand a rematch?  She will remember that beating for a long time.  What’s Next for Jewellz?  Does Alex even deserve a rematch?  Download and decide for yourself!




Length: 22:23

Size: 2 GB