“IronGilf!” 2






Jewellz has returned!  After seeing this Golden Girl destroy her friend Alex, Athena is out for revenge and challenges the old-school bruiser to a 1 fall, pro-style contest!  Jewellz is happy to oblige! The two women make their entrances, the bell rings, they circle and lock-up and this match is on!  Immediately Athena regrets her decision as she is locked in a painful guillotine, causing a Athena to writhe and whimper in her grasp!  A huge forearm sends Athena plummeting to the MMW Canvas and the tone is set!  Jewellz spends the duration of the match utterly demolish and humiliating Athena with a good-ol’ fashioned, stiff beatdown!  TONS of vicious, old-school hairpulling with Athena continually being ripped and yanked to her feet by her hair as well as having her hair used in several agonizing submissions!  Leglocks, armbars, headlocks, strikes and slams!  Snap mare, pedigree, clothesline, rope work, corner work, wedgies and trash talk, bow and arrow, back breaker, back breaker hairpull, camel clutch, crippler crossface, rings of saturn, steiner recliner, face claw, low blows, belly punches, eye gouges, skull crusher, bearhug, surfboard, schoolgirl pin, scissorholds and more!  What a beatdown!  A final sleeperholdl sets Athena down for the 3-count and victory pose!  Match and still undefeated, Jewellz!




Length: 20:04

Size: 2.04 GB