“Instant Bettie!”






Alexandria Hamilton stands center ring, cockier than ever, but her party soon comes to an end when Bettie Brickhouse enters the ring and challenges Alex to a wrestling match on the spot!  Alex is not dressed in her wrestling gear but accepts the challenge by sending a huge hit to Bettie’s jaw!  The two exchange blows but Bettie proves to be stronger!  Alex is then tormented and beaten from corner to corner by the mighty Bettie Brickhouse!  Tons of pro-style action as Alex has no answer for Bettie’s vicious assault.  It is not long before Bettie strips Alex out of he clothes and down to her bra and sexy, full back, white cotton panties.  Alex is reduced to eating the rest of her beating in her bra and panties, as Bettie continues to pummel her around the ring.  Her full back panties don’s stay full back for long as the creep slowly up Alexandria’s phat round bottom with every punishing dirty tactic!  Hair pulling, camel clutch, skull crusher, steiner recliner, back breaker, back breaker hairpull, bow and arrow, guillotine, bearhug, snap mares, stunner, pedigree, scissorholds, rope work, corner work, matchbook pin, belly punches, body slams and so much more!  Bettie decides to apply a humiliating atomic wedgie!  A final sleeperhold lays Alex out in place for Bettie’s leg-hook pin and victory pose!  What an embarrassing beatdown!  Match, Bettie Brickhouse!




Length: 15:12

Size: 1.4 GB