“I, Wendy!”





Djinn, the mystical MMW heel, has finally met her match, and not at the hands of the woman you might expect.  Wendy Watson, the relatively new girl from the city, accepts a match with Djinn, unaware of her past wins, or the way they were obtained.  The match begins and a KO battle is unknowingly underway!  Wendy stuns Djinn and the community with a stiff right hand that knocks out Djinn for the first time in the MMW ring, Wendy takes advantage and quickly gets the grapevine pinfall, followed by another!  Wendy uses the ropes and more sexy pins to dominate the once-feared, Djinn.  Djinn regains her composure and spins herself into new attire.  Now she is ready to fight, and actually scores a big punch that gets her a pinfall, but her momentum is short lived, as Wendy again, drops the magical fighter!  Having already de-masked Djinn, Wendy is in search of pure humiliation, as she finishes off her pathetic opponent with more KO’s and sexy pins, finishing the night by placing her bare foot on her opponents face as the final show of disrespect for her competition!  Match, Wendy Watson!




Length:  12:03

Size:  1 GB