“Hux Smash!”






Its time for a good ol’ fashion squash match! Who better to squash than a Jobber? And what jobber is better than America’s BEST Jobber? NO ONE! and who better to squash a jobber than The reigning erotic wrestling champion, none other than Mega Heel Saharra Huxly!  And, the Huxter wastes no time, mangling Alexandria, with humiliating move, after excruciating submission  From here to there, Saharra dominates Alex, with air restricting chokes, and bone bending, ego crushing submissions,  Camel clutches, hair pulls, Boston crabs, fish hooks, and back breakers, low blows, claws etc. Even pulling Alexandria’s leotard deep up and in to her full round bottom for a humiliating over the knee spank! ass splitting wedgies, belly punches, and strikes, reduce Alex to a twitching, eye rolling, drooling mess.  Match, the Huxter!


Length: 11:23

Size: 816 MB