“Home Field Shut Out!”







Paula Diamonds and Platinum Fury don bikini’s, boots, wrist bands and knee pads for a sexy pro battle int he famous MMW Ring!  Paula is very confident having trained under Irene Silver, and after seeing the dominating performance Irene had against Platinum, Paula is convinced the outcome will be very similar due to her and Iren’s similar styles!  Platinum is not about to give up another win on her home field.  She learned a lot from her loss to Irene, and feels she has the tools to not only win, but utterly destroy Paula, and send her back to Arizona battered and bruised, to send Irene a clear message that their inevitable rematch will be different!  The bell rings and the two ladies lock up!  Straight out of the gate Platinum overwhelms Paula with a ego smashing assault of punches, kicks, slams, and submissions, as she rips, tears, twists, pulls, and pounds Paula into a disgraceful puddle of used jobber!  Vicious hair pulling, pedigree, low blows, sleeperholds, camel clutch, bow and arrow, boston crab, scissorholds, rope work, belly punches, corner work, butt drops, eye gouges, hangman, matchbook pin, surfboard, and MUCH more!  A final submission puts Paula on her back for the leg hook pin, awarding Platinum the convincing win, and sending Paula home in need of a bit more training!




Length: 11:48

Size: 1 GB