“Heels So Good!”





Dolly Prescott has her eye on the MMW title. She is well aware that she has some mountains to climb, and today, she plans on making a statement in her debut with MMW. Unfortunately for Alexandria, she is said statement. Dolly dons classic heel gear, in a a sexy, camo, thong leotard. And is ready to take on gorgeous, beaming from ear to ear, clad in a cheeky bright leotard, Alexandria Hamilton. The bell rings and Dolly wastes no time establishing who the dominant woman is. Pummeling Alex around the ring in embarrassing fashion. Fellow lady wrestlers watch at ring side, in absolute awe at the beating their boss takes at the hands of this new girl. Alex is set in the corner where Dolly beats her poor face, HUGE belly punches send Alex’s lovely round booty flying towards the MMW camera. Dolly uses submission holds, strikes, chokes, and slams to destroy poor Alex! Belly Punches, snap mare slam, pedigree, head scissors, rope work, rope chokes, chin smashing uppercuts, side headlock! Dolly is flying off of the turn buckles with double hammer strikes to send Alex plummeting to the canvas, shaking the MMW ring, and Alexandria’s lovely thick booty. Sexy wedgies, and humiliating ass slaps as Dolly drapes Alexandria’s body over the ropes and uses her as a seat, spanking the CEO and wedging her leotard deep in between her PAWG booty cheeks! Vicious hair pulling, stunner, camel clutch, straddled sleeper, sleeper hold, rear naked choke, and more! Alex is going to have a hard time getting past such a beating. It barely takes 5 minutes for Dolly to finish Alex with a KO and slap a leg hook pin on her. While other women watch on, at the woman they may have to face soon, Dolly sets her foot on a KO’d Alexandria’s lovely large chest, and uses it as a foot stool for her dominant victory pose. Match, Dolly.


Length: 06:28

Size: 660 MB