“Heel Warm Up!”





When a heel takes a few months off, she needs a round bottom jobber to beat up on in order to warm up for her next reign of ring terror.  Today’s heel is Athena Law, and what better jobber to humiliate than gorgeous, PAWG jobber Alexandria Hamilton!  Both women clad in classic pro gear, they lock up center ring, and Athena immediately takes full control, drilling a devastating knee in to Alexandria’s soft, sexy belly!  This match is a total squash!  Alex is subject to a classic, bully wrestling, grinding, slow, methodical beat down.  Repeatedly lut down hard, her sexy body slamming to the canvas, shaking the ring, and both women’s sexy booty’s.  Over and over again, Athena rips and yanks poor Alex to her feet and knees by her hair, just to put her right back down with knees, kicks, hammer fists, and punches!  Athena uses hair pulling, stomps, submissions, leg locks, and low blows to punish Alex.  Athena uses her boots to mash and grind in Alexandria’s hands and fingers, with no regard for class or couth,  Athena pummels a helpless Alex with ease.  Athena loves trash talking, and degrading Alex as she pounds away at her weak victim.  A final leg hook pin scores the 3 count, and adds another “W” to Athena’s nearly spotless fighting record. Match, Athena Law.
Length: 08:17
Size: 871