“Heart of a Champion!” 2







Former MMW Boxing Champion, Athena Law is convinced she can topple current Champ Platinum Fury, and is prepared to prove it by starting her newest title run by challenging Female Fighting Legend Kristie Etzold!  Kristie boasts a 3-0 MMW Boxing record and isn’t about to let Athena throw a wrench in her spotless record.  The bell rings and this match is underway!  What a fight!  So much back and forth action!  Tons of stiff exchanges!  Both ladies swinging for the fences!  Both ladies kissing the canvas!  Both women fighting with the heart of a champion as they exchange jabs, body shots, uppercuts, belly punches, combos, flurries, and more!  Only one woman will take a step closer to MMW Gold.  Download to find out who!




Length: 11:02

Size: 1 GB