Head Scissor: “It’s in Her Jeans, to be Mean!”


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Athena and Alexandria can’t stand one another!  They were suppose to wrestle today, but couldn’t even get into their gear before a fight breaks out!  Both girls in their tight jeans, it’s Athena who has Alex in a tight situation!  Athena plans on using her world famous head scissor to destroy Alexandria’s ego!  Athena doesn’t care who walks in, she enjoys hearing Alex whimper trapped between her iron legs.  Athena’s apple bottom tucked snuggly in her tight jeans, Alex in overwhelmed as Athena uses different head scissor variations to torment the poor jobber. Reverse head scissor, side head scissor w/ arm bar, and a final head scissor hair pull that ultimately proves to be Alexandria’s demise, because if there’s one thing that will submit a jobber, its ripping out her pretty hair, and Athena does just that!  Alex is trapped and in pure agony, the horrified look on her face can’t decide if she is going to pass out from Athena’s head scissor, or if she wants to cry from the pain of having gobs of her long hair ripped out.  Alex succumbs to Athena’s superior skill and Athena picks up the KO!  Adding insult to injury Athena slaps on a leg hook pin to make this lop sided beat down official.  Match, Athena Law!


Length: 4 Minutes

Size: 549 MB