“Head Change!”





Sativa Grace loves many things. Among those, motorcycles, good herb, and fighting ‘ chicks! Don’t underestimate Sativa Grace, she packs quite a mean punch for such a small package. Sativa is very confident in herself, which is why she had no problem accepting a match with MMW Mega Heel, Sugar! Maybe Sativa smoked a bit too much, or clearly has not had time to watch what Sugar does to her opponents. Nonetheless, Sativa slaps on a bikini, and makes her way to the MMW ring where Sugar awaits. The bell rings and this match is official! Both women lock up, center ring. It is only a moment before Sugar rushes Sativa in to the corner with ease, trapping the sexy blonde and setting her up for a classic, Sugar, beat down! Sugar unleashes a flurry of punches and belly punches on Sativa, snapping Sativa’s head back, sending her long, blonde hair flying! Hard, deep belly punches fold Sativa in half as Sugar buries her fist in to Sativa’s bare, exposed belly. Sugar pulls her jobber center ring, knocking her down to her knees, and locking on a bully like standing head scissor! Sativa is done for, and the bell is barely done ringing! Sugar brutalizes poor Sativa with ease, giving Sativa no chance to breathe, or mount any type of defense. Constantly ripping Sativa back up by her hair to impose for punishment on her helpless opponent. Sugar uses strikes, rope work, corner work, back breakers, vicious hair pulling maneuvers, bear hugs, knees, camel clutches, wedgies, neck stomps, sitting hair hangman, nerve holds, skull crushers, splashes, anacondas, body scissor, head scissor, choke holds, soccermom strangle, and more! A final sleeper hold ends the night for our lovely Sativa. Sugar slaps a sexy leg hook pin on a limp, KO’d Sativa, getting the three count, and adding a big “L” to Sativa’s record. Match, Sugar.



Length: 12:28

Size: 1.28 GB