“Harley Hamilton!” 9




Harley Hamilton is back, and apparently local bad girl, Athena Law, doesn’t know the drill yet.  Athena is rightfully over confident, having beat the hell out of nearly every woman to ever step up to her.  Harley is one of only 2 women who hold an undefeated record in MMW, needless to say, the stage is set for am epic beat down one way or the other.  The two combatants climb through the ropes and go to their corners.  The bell rings and this match is official!  Athena comes out hot as always, but underestimating Harley’s old school, bully style of wrestling, Harley’s composure wins her the first engagement, giving her the upper hand, and setting the tone for this sexy beat down of Athena Law!
Harley uses the corners to trap Athena, and pummel her with strikes!  She uses the ropes to tie up Ms. Law, punishing the sexy heel with belly punches, uppercuts, face punches, and more!  Its a grind house type of style Harley has as the methodically dismantles Athena, beating her from pillar to ring post, ripping her up by the hair between each crippling assault!  Submissions, chokes, and stomps echo in the room as Alex pounds away on poor, helpless Athena with low blows, slams, sexy, humiliating fake pins, back breakers, clutches, hair pulling, leg locks, Boston crap, belly punching, face busters, sleeper holds, and more!  Athena is no match for the brutal Harley Hamilton!  A final move lays out Athena flat on her back, and in perfect position for a sexy leg hook pin!  Match, AND STILL!  Undefeated!  Harley-Hamilton!
Length: 09:50
Size: 1/01 GB