“Harley Hamilton!” 8




Constance dons a bikini to try her shot at defeating the notorious, old school bully wrestler, Harley Hamilton!  Like every other woman who has stepped to Harley, Dolly’s dreams of being the first woman to best Harley are cut short when Harley sends a crippling knee in to Constance’s gut straight from the lockup!  With her dominance already established, Harley spends the duration of the match kicking, stomping, punching, slamming, bending, and twisting poor Constance in to a pile of jobber rubble!  Face busters, hair pulling, belly punching, back breakers, and more!  Constance is no match as she is at the complete will of Harley!  A final sleeper hold sends the bikini clad Constance to loser’s land as Harley adds another win to her record at the expense of new comer Constance!  Harley places her wrestling boot on a KO’d Constance as she flexes above her laid out body!  Match, Harley Hamilton!
Length: 11:31
Size:  1.19 GB