“Harley Hamilton!” 5




Harley Hamilton is back! And looking to break in the new MMW studio. And who better to smash to pieces than the gorgeous Nicole Oring! Nicole has quite the chip on her shoulder having just Destroyed MMW top contender, Awesome Laney Dawson in “Low Blow the Pro!”. Needless to say, Nicole is looking right past Harley, and has her sights set in MMW champion Jezabel Romo. Enter the ladies! Both look stunning in their sexy, tight, pro gear, they climb through the ropes and go to their corners, each girl having only a bit of time to size one another up from across the ring. The bell rings and this match is underway! The women lock up and in an instance Harley takes control, sending a huge knee in to Nicole’s stomach, folding her half and putting her in her knees! Harley smells fear as Nicole instantly realizes her opponents power. However, Nicole has not time to respond before Harley rips her to her feet by her hair, sending her face first in to the turnbuckle! Nicole goes cross eyed, as the tone is set for a complete, and total squash match! Harley punishes Nicole, relentlessly from pillar to ring post, using slams, holds, and old school grind core wrestling to humiliate her helpless opponent! Punches, kicks, and crippling knees batter Nicole’s sexy body from head to toe as Harley imposes her will! Punishing Nicole with Strikes, corner work, rope work, choke variations, camel clutches, low blows, eye gouges, Boston crab, belly punches, wedgies, back breakers, hair bridges, face busters, stunner, snap mares, and more! Harley continues her assault, never letting Nicole stay down before she rips, and yanks her back to her feet by handfuls, and gobs of hair, just to feed Nicole more humiliating punishment! A final sleeper puts Nicole on her back, limp, defeated, and in perfect position for a sexy leg hook pin, putting and end, and a stomp on this one sided competition. Match, Harley Hamilton!


Length: 08:08
Size: 860MB