“Harley Hamilton!” 21






Harley Hamilton is back, and ready to feed on fresh jobber as she pummels Lefty Lucy from pillar to ringpost in this one-sided, classic jobber vs heel beatdown!  Tons of dirty tactics and pro-style action as Harley relentlessly punishes Lucy with strikes, slams, and submissions!  Lucy is helpless and has no answer for Harley’s vicious assault!  Low blows, hair pulling, pedigree, guillotine, wedgie, camel clutch, surfboard, bow and arrow, rope work, corner work, stunner, leg locks, armbars, skull crusher, and tons more!  I’ts a classic Harley Hamilton beatdown!  A final sleeperhold puts Lucy in place for the leg-hook pin.  1, 2, 3!  Match, Harley Hamilton!




Length: 10:51

Size: 1 GB