“Harley Hamilton!” 17






Harley Hamilton locks up with Sarah Brooke in this newest installment of the jobber crushing Harley Hamilton series! Sarah has no answer for the onslaught of punishment imposed by super heel, Harley. Constantly ripped to her feet by her hair just to be brutally set back down, Alex continuously uses dirty tactics, pulling on Sarah’s tights looking for the pinfall! Sarah foolishly tries to kick out but only prolongs her beating. Harley destroys Sarah with vicious hair pulling, punches, kicks, knees, stomps, camel clutch, back breaker, belly punches, surfboard, Boston crab, headscissors, armbars, eye gouges, wedgies, guillotine, bulldog, face buster, stunner, pedigree, leg locks, low blows, and more! There is nowhere for Sarah to go as Harley introduces her to the MMW canvas in humiliating fashion!




Length: 10:42

Size: 1 GB