“Harley Hamilton!” 12






Harley Hamilton is back!  And she wants new girl, Harper Rose!  Harper beat the hell out of Lizzy Hamilton in her debut, and according to Harley, this does not look good on the Hamilton name, already having to clean up messes and avenge losses for her twin sister, Alexandria, Harley is stepping up for Lizzy this time, and is ready to lock up with Harper!  As most matches go against Harley, Harper is completely overwhelmed from the opening bell, being beaten and dragged across the ring, and pummeled from pillar to ring post with strikes, belly punches, kicks and stomps, vicious hair pulling, ring shaking slams, pedigree, face buster, stunner, face slams, corner work, rope work, submisson holds, camel clutches, chokes, and more,  Harley finally puts away Harper with a sexy KO.  Avenging the losses of her twin sister Alexandria and her oldest blonde sister, Lizzy.  Thanks, Harley!  What in in the world would these jobber’s do without you!?



Length: 08:57

Size: 945 MB