“Harley Hamilton!” 11






Harley Hamilton is back!  Many women have stepped up to Harley, and all have ended up flat on the MMW canvas.  Today, Clever Brave is in town, no doubt this will be a challenge for the old school brawler, Harley.  No way, as always, not even Clever can outmatch Harley in the Pro ring!  Harley dominates, and pummels Clever, beating her pillar to ring post, destroying the BBW with stomps, punches, belly punches, hair pulling, sitting hangman, sleeper hold, surfboard, camel clutches, hammerlocks, headlocks, and more!  Harley is back, and ready to take on any new comers who dare challenge her.  Clever’s battered body is just a reminder that Harley is not going anywhere, any time soon!




Length: 07:59

Size: 845 MB