“Handled!” 2




It’s a Squash Match lovers dream come true when America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton, dons Jobber white from head to toe, along with her shiny gold MMW title belt, steps in to the ring to face UNDEFEATED MMW phenom Tsunami!  After an intense stare down, the two woman warriors lock up in the middle of the ring!  Immediately Tsunami traps Alex in a booty showcasing side headlock, right off the bat the strength advantage is apparent as Amazon, Alexandria, struggle in 105 lb Tsunami’s grips!  Tsunami sends Alex to the corner for a serious corner beat down!  Brutalizing Alex in the corner sending lightning fast bare knuckles across Alexandria’s jaw!  Huge, DEEP belly punches fold America’s BEST Jobber in half, thrusting her gorgeous, full size, round bottom flying towards the camera, showing off how nicely her bright white leotard tucks in to her lovely rear end!  From the opening bell it is apparent that it is Tsunami’s ring, as Alex struggle to even stay down, as Tsunami continuously rips, and yanks Alex back to her feet by handfuls and gobs, and wods, of Alexandria’s thick jobber hair!  Alex is beaten senseless from corner to corner, stretched across the ring post for a horrifying back breaker, Alex screams muffle out ripping of her hair and the cracking of her back as she screams in horror, being dominated handily by the phenom Hawaiian!  Alex cant catch a break, being bent and twisted, slammed and thrown, punched and kicked, low blowed, stomped and trampled, choke bitch slapped all over the MMW dojo, Tsunami is overwhelming, and Alex is outclassed at every turn, and at every exchange, A choke slam sets the stage to the finally, followed b a bootyful leg hook pin, and this match belongs to the STILL UNDEFEATED Tsunami!  Alex lay beaten, and humiliated under Tsunamis boot and victory pose.  And Tsunami exits, unscathed, covered in Hamilton ego!
Length: 16:13
Size: 1.69 GB