“Handled!” 9






Bella Ink returns to the MMW Ring to lay a stiff beatdown on SuperMilf, Ultra-PAWG, MMW CEO, and America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!  Bella, clad in Black from head-to-toe, with our phat butt jobber in the sexiest of white pro gear.  Straight from the lockup Bella takES contRol aNd proceeds to spend the duration of the match punishing Alexandria with a barrage of painful, jobber-smashing punishment!  Vicious hairpulling, pedigree, snap mare, rope work, hammerlock, bearhug, camel clutch, scissorholds, bow and arrow, surfboard, armbars, splashes, and more!  A final sleeperhold and leghook pin scores the W for Bella aa she remains undefeated in the MMW Ring!




Length: 11:45

Size: 1.19 GB