“Handled!” 6






Dolly Prescott has quite the chip on her shoulder after defeating Athena Law. Now, she has her eyes set on the New MMW badgirl, Harper Rose. Harper is not convinced that Dolly belongs in the same ring with her, but nonetheless, accepts the challenge, and this fight it set! Harper, and Dolly lock up and it’s Harper who gains the immediate edge! Harper punishes Dolly from beginning to end with strikes, submissions, chokes, and much more! Vicious hair pulling, hard, deep belly punches! Slams! Pedigree, facebuster, stunner! Harper is im full control as she continues her assault against the helpless, Dolly. Pummeling the sexy jobber, beating her from pillar to ring post with rope work, corner work, camel clutch, bow and arrow, scissorholds, back breaker, sleeperhold, and MORE! It’s all Harper! From the opening bell, to the final victory pose! Match, Harper Rose!




Length: 11:20

Size: 1.16 GB