“Handled!” 5




Finally, Athena did the unthinkable!  This is no dream!  Athena, back from a long layoff, and struggling to regain her reputation as a ruthless bruiser, challenges MMW Mega Heel Sugar!  Sugar and Athena have met before, and the outcome was not as Athena had planned. Suffering multiple humiliating losses to Sugar, the last time being pantsed and ultimately stripped to her underwear and bound by her own panties. Needless to say, Sugar is just considering this another day at the office.  However Athena has different plans.  Knowing Jezabel Romo is on her way to the dojo, and convinced she is rightfully the no. 1 contender, Athena leaves it all in the ring as she mercilessly pummels the BBW queen like no one has ever done before!  Astonishingly Sugar’s strength is no match for Athena, as Sugar finds herself eating shot after shot, being tossed around and slammed in to oblivion, choked out, and beat down!  Sugar has no time to gain a foot hold or mount any defense as Athena continuously rips Sugar up by the hair to deliver more of a beating!  Punches, kicks, knees, stomps, belly punches, vicious hair pulling, leg locks, scissor holds, rope work, corner work, pedigree, stunner, face buster, low blows, camel clutches, sleeper holds, arm bars, and more!  Has the mighty Sugar finally been dethroned?  Or is this some type of unbelievable fluke?  One thing is for sure, fluke or not, Athena jist best Sugar’s ass!  Fair, and painfully square!
Length: 11:50
Size: 1.22 GB