Hair Pulling: “The face of a Woman Defeated!”


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If there’s one thing that will make America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton, squeal. It’s getting her hair pulled. Athena Law is not only aware of this, but enjoys spending her spare time pulling Alexandria’s hair, at any chance she gets! Today, Alex was caught stretching in the ring. Athena dominates and pulverizes the gorgeous PAWG jobber with excruciating, scalping, vicious hair pulling! The look on poor Alexandria’s face is all the description needed, as she writhes in pain under a superior and dominant Athena! Athena using head scissors, and back breaking locks to give her full reign of Alexandria’s scalp! Yanking, pulling, ripping and tearing at Alexandria’s thick hair. Alex’s pleas for the torment to end fall on deaf ears. Athena has her way with Alex, imposing her will until Alexandria’s moans and groans bore her. Releasing her for a limp leg hook pin, and humiliating victory pose!


Length: 05:14
Size: 492 MB