“Graham Slam!” 2






Ashlee Graham returns, and after beating the hell out of local BBW, Sugar, Ashlee has her eyes set on embarrassing Super-PAWG, local Milf, and MMW CEO, Alexandria Hamilton!  Alex saw what Ashlee did to Sugar but is unimpressed and feels she can take Graham out, no problem.  Ashlee loves nothing more than beating up a phat butt jobber, and today, she get’s her wish, as she decimates poor Alex, beating the thicc chick senseless from pillar to ring post!  Tons of vicious hair pullinng, wedgies, ass slapping and spanking, camel clutch, steiner recliner, corner work, rope work, hot shots, back breakers, surfboard, bow and arrow, bearhug, wedgie bearhug, scissorholds, stunner, facebuster, pedigree, snap mare, belly punches, clotheslines, and more!  Alex has no answer for Ashlee’s assault as she is continually ripped to her feet by her thick, long hair and fed more and more ego busting punishment!  A final sleeperhold sets up Alex for a purposeful humiliating pin, putting both of Alexandria’s legs far in the air!  Match, Ashlee Graham!




Length: 11:28

Size: 1 GB