“Golden Glove!”






Sarah Brooke climbs through the MMW ropes to challenge newly crowned MMW Boxing Champion, Platinum Fury! Platinum is looking to be very impressive in her first title defense, having inherited the belt upon former Champion Harper Rose’s absence. However this is no walk in the park as standing across the ring from Platinum is Sarah Brooke! The two touch gloves and this multi round, back and forth, sexy redhead vs sexy blonde battle is on! Multiple knockdowns! Both ladies giving and taking tons of punishment! The hair is flying, and the heads are snapping as the two gorgeous women trade jabs, hooks, uppercuts, crosses, body shots, belly punches, combos, and more! In the corners, against the ropes, and center ring, it’s non stop action until one lady gets caught, sending her plummeting to the MMW canvas for the 10!




Length: 11:18

Size: 1 GB