“Gia Power!”






Gia Love makes her MMW Boxing Debut by challenging CEO, and America’s BEST Jobber to Glove up and trade blows until the weaker woman is lying flat on the MMW Canvas!  Alex accepts, the ladies make their entrances, the bell rings and this match is on!  Plenty of back-and-forth action as the powerful women throw haymaker after haymaker sending body shots, jabs, belly punches, hooks, uppercuts and more!  The hair is flying and the heads are snapping!  Multiple knockdowns with each lady eating canvas.  Eventually, the better striker’s form starts to take a toll as the weaker woman begins to fade, eating shot after shot until a final blow puts her down for the 10-count and victory pose!  Which warrior will walk out with the W?  Download to find out!



Length: 10:44

Size: 1 GB