“Get these Hands!” 2





Alex is upset at her performance against Faith in their last meeting in the MMW Boxing Ring!  So much trash talks online about how easily the 21-year-old slugger battered and dominated her thicc MILF opponent!  Alex challenges Faith to another contest, Faith accepts, and the two ladies enter the ring.  Faith has nothing to prove as it is all Alex looking to redeem herself.  The bell rings, the ladies touch gloves, and immediately Faith begins feeding Alex a steady diet of punishment!  Looking to prove there was no fluke and she is simply superior, Faith uses jabs, body shots, uppercuts, and belly punches to wear down Alex, mocking and trash talking the sexy PAWG throughout punishing her!  In the corners, against the ropes, and center ring, Alex has no answer for Faith’s speed and superior hand work.  Alexandira’s hair is flying, and her booty is jiggling with each devastating strike in this multi-knockdown beatdown!  A final uppercut lays out Alex, yet again, under the feet of Faith, as Faith scores the 10-count and KO win, setting her foot atop our American Flag-clad jobber for her final victory pose!




Length:  11:38

Size:  1.18 GB