“For the People!”






Alexandria Hamilton is the New MMW Champion, and she is eager to defend her belt!  She ran a fan poll as to who she should challenge, and in what type of match?  The results were overwhelming.  A Barefoot, Bra and Thong Panty, Pro-Style Wrestling Match against her arch nemesis, and former MMW Wrestling AND Boxing Champion, Athena Law!  Athena has had bad luck in her last two boxing matches as she suffered Back-to-Back KO losses in her quest for the MMW Boxing Title.  When she heard she had a chance to nab the Wrestling Belt once again, she pounced on the opportunity,  She geared up in the requested attire and crashed the MMW Ring, grabbed a mic, and demanded Alex came out to face her right there and then!  Alex enters with her Championship Belt and accepts the challenge.  The bell rings, the ladies circle and lock up, and the match is on!  What-a-BATTLE!  TONS of back-and-forth action as each lady brought their A-game!  Tons of hairpulling, guillotine, hammerlocks, bearhugs, leglocks, toe holds, back breakers, back breaker hair pull, ddt, snap mare, choke slam, splashes, rope work, corner work, bonzai drop, corner splashes, low blows, boston crab, camel clutch, steiner recliner, bow and arrow, surfboard, rings of saturn, crippler crossface, skull crusher, armbars, schoolgirl pin, scissorholds, dragon sleepr, breast mauls, arm ringer, eye gouges, pedigree, stunner, facebuster, wedgies, reverse hair bridge, straight leg corner choke, clotheslines, bare knuckle boxing, and MORE!  Who will walk away with the gold after this instant-classic, MMW Brawl?  Download to find out!




Length: 29:00

Size: 3.3 GB