“Feeture Presentation!”






Question.  Why is there a foot fetish model, in the MMW ring?  Simple, Athena Law not only beats girls asses, she’s also a sexy fetish model, who likes to make videos for her clip store on the side.  No harm, no foul, especially considering she pays MMW to rent the ring, so by all means, it is hers today!  She is busy painting her toe nails, on her lovely gorgeous feet, sitting in a deep red, satin robe, that just about glistens under the rafter lights.  Enter Alexandria Hamilton, MMW Champion, Lady Wrestler!  Alex was suppose to also use the ring today, as she had hired a novice unsuspecting young jobber, strictly to beat the hell out of on camera, to sell on HER clip store.  So, clearly we have a scheduling issue here.  Alex is not happy to hear that MMW gave Athena the ring today, however, Athena is not budging, nor is she intimidated by Alex, having not only beat her several times in street fights, boxing matches, Catfights, and pro wrestling matches, but, has also, mangled Alexandria’s blonde older sister, and second half of the MMW Tag Team Champions, The California Queen herself, Lizzy Hamilton.  Even, destroying both the mighty Hamilton Sisters by herself, single handily, giving her the appropriate title, “The Hamilton Slayer”.  Needless to say, Athena is not about to give up the ring, and Alex is about to find out what happens when a woman expecting to shoot a foot fetish video, is forced to wrestle at the same time.  The two ladies are literally nose to nose outside the ring, hands on hips, like, there seriously about to be a bitch fight here.  Alex disrobes, revealing her GORGEOUS figure, clad in a bright retro striped one piece, sitting firmly against her body, and complimenting the contours of her shapely round bottom.  She’s padded up, boots on, and ready to fight.  She drops her robe revealing her body, almost in a symbolic primal , chest puffing, bring it on bitch affect!  Athena, still not Impressed, drops her robe, revealing a skin tight, bright red, leotard, complimenting every curve of her magnificent body.  The site of each other in fighting gear creates immediate tension, and Athena is not about to be caught off guard.  She starts the party with a BIG low blow kick, folding Alex in half, showing just how nicely her leotard fits in her shapely rear end.  Alex has barely recovered before Athena sends another hard kick, straight to Alexandria’s crotch, again, folding America’s BEST Jobber, and a third!  Alex is down on her knees, but not for long, as Athena rips her to her feet by her long dark hair, and throws her into the MMW ring!  Both women are in the ring now, and its not but a moment before Athena again, send a low blow kick, this time dropping Alex to her knees.  Alex falls forward, knees to chest, ass in air, holding her private area, moaning in agony.  Athena yanks her to her feet again for more low blows, each time dropping Alex to her knees, and each time ripping her back to her feet by her hair, with no regard or care for the pain she is inflicting on America’s BEST Jobber!  Alex is again pulled to her feet by the hair, and thrown to the corner where a series of face strikes, and horrific, deep, hard, belly punches, send Alex’s ass fling toward the camera, just about out of the ring.  Athena is not done, as she stomps away at the wrestler, verbally taunting and degrading the jobber.  Alex is literally “beat down” in the corner, stomped to a puddle in the corner, her head resting on the bottom turnbuckle, Athena takes the opportunity to rub her feet all over Alexandria’s face, as Alex whimpers and cries, begging her to stop, Alex is now in Athena’s fetish video, against her will.  Athena smashes, and mashes, Alexandria’s beautiful face with her bare foot, humiliating America’s BEST Jobber in the corner of the MMW ring.  Athena is just getting started!  With a gob of Alexandria’s hair in her hand, Athena walks her jobber like a pet to the middle of the ring, Alex is brought to her feet for a devastating DDT, shaking the MMW ring, and the hot wrestlers bodies as well.  Alex is dazed, before she can see straight, Athena has her back straddled, Alex is face down, face down in Athena’s feet!!  Athena uses her lovely perky booty to press Alex’s face down into her bare feet, mashing Alex’s face deep in to her soles, using Alex’s leotard, wedging it up her ass, lifting her hips and body off of the mat.  “Lets get that ass in the air!” says Athena, dominating the woman wrestler with her feet, slapping Alexandria ass, laughing at the complete control she has over this woman.  Alex is a whimpering mess, in true jobber fashion she pleads with Athena to free her, but Athens is in control of the ring, still subduing Alex by a humiliating, wedgie.  Alex is dragged by the hair, back to the corner, for another ego crushing face trample.  All hope of a win is gone, as Alex is just a prop for Athena’s video.  Alex is brought to her feet for standing foot choke.  Gasps, and grunts and coughs escape Alexandria’s lungs, and she slaps away at Athena’s legs, waiting for the heel to let her go.  Athena drags Alex back to the center of the ring for another round of devastating low blows.  Athena is not done, showcasing how she can defeat this tough lady wrestler using nothing but her sexy feet.  Alex is placed in the corner, Athena spreads Alex’s legs for another round of crippling low blows!  All Alex can do is beg, but Athena isn’t having it, as she makes Alex agree to kiss her feet in order for her to stop the low blow onslaught.  Alex is forced to agree.  In a moment, Alex is face down, getting very personal with Athena’s feet, as Athena holds her, again, by the wedgie, Alexandria’s booty is pointing at the sky as Athena has tight grip on her leotard, pulling it far into Alexandria gorgeous bottom.  Alex continues to kiss Athena’s feet, afraid to stop for fear of even a further beating.  Athena grows bored of the great view she has of Alexandria’s ass, and again uses her long hair to yank her to her feet.  Alex is again placed in the corner for a series of high kicks to the face, each kick sending Alex to the opposite corner!  Alex being knocked around the ring like a pin ball by Athena’s bare feet, She is kicked to the final corner and forced down to her hands and knees, and ordered to bite the bottom turnbuckle.  Alex bites the bottom turnbuckle in horror, knowing Athena is about to use Alexandria’s own sisters finishing move, the California smile!  A hard stomp to the back of the head turns Alex wide eyed and her face is forced into the turnbuckle.  Alex fall KO’d flat on her stomach.  But why not one more scene for Athena’s video!  Athena turns Alex over, and rests her head on the bottom turnbuckle.  Without pause, Athena forces her foot, deep inside Alexandria’s mouth!! Alex is wide eyed!  Choking and gagging on Athena’s foot!  Athena has a sadistic smile, even giggling watching Alex drool and flail in horror, desperately tapping out on Athena’s bare leg, being force fed her foes foot!  Athena plunges her foot deeper down Alexandria’s gullet, almost as if trying to wear her face as a shoe.  I think Athena has all the FOOTage, she needs for her video, but no heel leaves the ring with a standing triumphantly over a defeated jobber for a victory pose, and this jobber has been much more than defeated, she has been completely dominated by nothing more, than a lowly, ol’ slutty, foot fetish model.  Good job Athena!  You really taught that cocky bitch a lesson!


Length: 13:23

Size: 1.39 GB