“Fair Trade!”





Kristie Etzold and Alexandria Hamilton don the leather to climb in to the MMW ring and exchange blows in this smash mouth, hard hitting, back and forth brawl!  Neither girl wanting to show weakness, both eating every shot, both giving and taking plenty of punishment, both ladies kissing the canvas!  The battle rages on as Alex and Kristie swing for the fences, lauching haymaker after haymaker looking for the KO!  Jabs, hooks, body shots, uppercuts, sharp combos, flurries, belly punches, and more!  What a fight!  Against the ropes, in the corners, and center ring, these ladies go hard until the weaker woman gets hit on the button, ending her night swiftly and in ring-shaking fashion!  Which lady will walk away victorious!?  Download to find out!




Length: 10:30

Size: 1 GB