“Equal Tights!”






What a back and forth!  What a sister vs sister battle!  Alex and Lizzy lock up and go for broke in this classic give and take battle!  Both ladies put it all on the line until one girl finally gets jobbed out and succumbs to the stronger woman!  Slams, Chokes, Submissions, Strikes!  The ring is shaking as these sexy ladies bodies slam against the MMW canvas!  All  the tumbling, hair pulling, and sexy milf scrapping is too much for one sister.  After facebusters, pedigrees, stunners, back breakers, sleepers, head scissors, belly punches, snap mares, camel clutches, low blows, and more, one girl is unable to continue, giving up the 3 count and crowning a winner!  Is it the blonde Hamilton sister, or the brunette Hamilton sister?




Length: 18:06

Size: 1.88 GB