“Ella Coco!” 2





Ella Coco is back! This time she is hungry for tag team! Athena Law, and Harper Rose are confident in their wrestling skills, and not scared of this “Ella Coco Character” they’ve been hearing about. Ella Coco appears out of nowhere, slapping a bone crushing face claw on Harper, and KO’ing the sexy wrestler without her partner even knowing. Ella disappears just as Athena is turning. Athena sees her l partner laying on the mat. This sets the stage for a classic, OTT, brutal, squash match! Ella holds nothing back as she pummels, dominates, and destroys the team of Harper, and Athena. Scissor holds, strikes, sleepers, skull crushers, bondage, hardcore wrestling, soul sucking back breakers, and belly claws, vicious, scalping hair pulling, and more!




Length: 09:30

Size: 984 MB