“Easy Work!”





Athena enters in stunning white wrestling attire, coupled with gold wrestling boots, She enters the ring and awaits her unknown opponent in the corner, after time passes Athena grows tired of waiting for her competition, and exits the ring and disapears behind the curtain to inquire about who she is wrestling.  Moments later her opponent is revealed, as none other than Sugar enters the MMW dojo from behind the curtain, dragging a helpless Athena by the hair.  Athena looks horrified as shes walked in to the combat zone on all fours.  Sugar can’t wait to begin tormenting the tiny jobber, as she immediately slaps on a skull crusher!  Athena sit on her knees outside the MMW ring, helpless and at the mercy of Sugar, trapped in her vice like skull crusher!  Athena’s eyes begin to cross as she feels herself going out, but Sugar is far from done.  As she spends the remainder of the match dominating Athena in embarrassing fashion!  Reducing the so called bad girl to a sobbing, worthless pile of jobber!  Athena is tossed pillar to post, dwarfed by Sugar, as Sugar uses her as a toy, only play time consists of dominating and agonizing torment!  Back bends, clutches, hair pulls, strikes, slams, wedgies! corner work, outside beatings, trampling, complete and utter FEMDOM as Sugar showcases how badly she can beat a woman, and unfortunately for Athena Law, today, that poor woman, is her! As she falls by the hand, and at the feet of the Mighty Sugar!  A final leg hook pin on a limp rag dolled Athena ends this lop sided contest, as Sugar uses Athena’s beaten body as a footstool to victory pose over the pathetic woman she just dominated!  Athena lie bewildered and destroyed under feet of the superior wrestler, MMW terror, and mega heel, Sugar!


Length: 11:48

Size: 1.23 GB