“Easy Work!” 2






Athena Law, and Sativa Grace finally don some pro gear to lock up in the MMW ring!  The two barefoot beauties lock up, and it is not long before Sativa finds out why Athena is next in line for a shot at the MMW title, as Athena batters and dominates Sativa at every turn, destroying the blondes gorgeous face with devastating strikes, pummeling Sativa’s body with agonizing submissions and crushing scissor holds!  Sativa has no answer for Athena’s assault as she is forced to endure all the sexy punishment until Athena finally grabs a handful or Sativa’s blonde hair, showcasing her jobber’s defeated face and forcing her to verbally submit!  What a beatdown!  Match, Athena Law!




Length: 10:18

Size: 1.05 GB