“East Coast Punishment!”






Faith makes the 3000-mile journey to visit America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton but more importantly to batter the Supermilf and make sure she stays black and blue til’ she returns to Georgia!  The ladies make the entrances, the bell rings, they lock-up and this match is on!  As expected, Faith takes immediate control and spends the duration of the match effortlessly demolishing her thong clad, phat bottom foe!  Vicious hair pulling, splashes, snap mares, pedigree, bow and arrow, back breaker, belly punches, corner work, rope work, scissorholds, elbow drops, butt drops, stunner, camel clutch, and more!  Faith proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that her skills are superior, and decides to celebrate with a final, anguishing sleeperhold that lays Alexandria out flat, in perfect position for a leghook pin and victory pose!  Match, Faith!




Length: 11:34

Size: 1.18 GB