“Domme Battle!”





Two Domme’s, but only one can be the dominant today, while the other must be the sub for the first time.  Both women enter in their Dom gear.  Athena gets the upper hand early off with a straddling choke, but it is not long before the stronger woman, Alexandria, takes control and completely brutalizes the weaker woman.  Athena entered in total domme gear, cocky to the gills, but is now a humiliated, sobbing, twitching, drooling, eye rolling, mess!  Alex pummels and destroys Athena with scissor holds, chokes, sleepers, rope work, camel clutches, hair pulling, and more!  Athena is ultimately collared like a dog and KO’d under the feet of the TRUE dominant woman, Alexandria.




Length: 12:17

Size: 1.27 GB