“Dizzy Lizzy!” 3






Lizzy Hamilton is in full Jobber mode and makes the Hamilton name proud as she is ground into mulch at the hands of a sadistic, jobber hungry Irene Silver!  It’s all Irene in this instant classic as Lizzy is mercilessly bettered around the ring, continuously being ripped to her feet by the hair to endure more painful, humiliating punishment!  Punches, kicks, stomps, slams and submissions, this match is a non-stop assault as Irene pounds away at the blonde California Queen.  Vicious hairpulling, sleeperhold, scissorholds, pedigree, slingshot, guillotine, back breaker, corner work, rope work, stunner, camel clutch, big splashes, pedigree, boston crab, and more!  A final leg hook pin gets Irene the W as Lizzy lay in perfect position for Irene’s humiliating victory pose!


Length: 11:17

Size: 1.1 GB