“Dizzy Lizzy!” 2






Tiny Ashley Graham completely destroys and humiliates her larger opponent, Lizzy Hamilton in this devastatingly one sided total squash match!  What a beatdown!  What a Classic Beatdown!  Ashley immediately takes control from the lockup with a tight side headlock into a ring shaking bulldog! Lizzy’s night is FAR from over!  Punches, kicks, stomps, hair pulling, camel clutch, surfboard, bow and arrow, rear sitting headlock, scissorholds, belly punches, schoolgirl pins, pedigree, facebuster, wedgies, clotheslines, corner work, rope work, and SO much more!  One of the stiffest beatings of Lizzy’s career!  A final submission lays out Lizzy for the leg hook pin awarding Ashley Graham the win and the sexy victory pose!




Length: 07:52

Size: 823 MB