“Destructive Debut!”




What a Two’fer!  Not only is Megan Jones back in the MMW dojo, and ready to box.  But Lizzy Hamilton will make her MMW boxing debut as Megan’s Opponent!  Lizzy has had ups and downs in MMW, having avenged almost every one of her losses, she is certainly not worth counting out.  Both girls are in the ring, in their corners.  Both have shiny booty shorts clinging tightly to the lovely round bottoms.  Both want the same thing.  MMW Gold!  The bell rings the this match is underway!  The hair is flying and the head are snapping as these two battle in a sexy, back and forth.  Action packed as they trade combo for combo, blow for blow!  Jabs!  Uppercuts!  Belly Punches!  Hooks! Each girl getting the upper hand, and each girl being knocked down multiple times.  Megan begins to slow down, and Lizzy pounces!  Trapping Megan against the ropes for a sexy booby beat down!  Megan is beside herself at the thought of losing to a rookie, again!  Lizzy shows no signs of slowing down, however Megan is ale to muster up a comeback!  The gloves are flying, and finally one girl is tagged on the button, and is laid out face first!  What a battle!
Length: 11:48
Size: 1.22 GB