“Destroyed by His Mistress!”






Athena has been fooling around with Alexandria’s boyfriend.  Alex has found another pair of panties in her boyfriends room, and is convinced they belong, yet again, to Athena.  Alex comes to the MMW ring to confront Athena.  Convinced she can easily beat the “twig girl” she calls out Athena and challenges her to fight!  This proves to be a huge mistake for America’s BEST Jobber!  Athena enters wearing her sexy, pro wrestling bikini.  She is clearly no afraid of Alex as she enters the ring.  The two exchange words for a brief moment, and in an instance Athena attacks Alex!  This is a total, and complete, humiliating, squash match!  Alex is beat, humiliated, stripped down to her panties, and left writhing center ring, panties on her head, and licking her wounds.  Athena dominates Alex around the ring, beating the thick,, round bottom jobber senseless, from pillar to ring post.  Alex is helpless as Athena utterly dominates her with punches, kicks, hair puling, slams, stretches, chokes, and submission holds!  Strikes, face buster, pedigree, stunner, camel clutch, sleeper hold, crotch stretch, eye gouging, surfboard, neck stomp, bow and arrow, wedgie, spanking, corner work, rope work, stinkface, low blows, and much more!  Athena traps Alex against the ropes and pantses her!  Exposing her sexy, violet, satin panties, tucked, and riding snuggly up her sexy, jobber booty!  Alex is thrown to the ground for a horrific wedgie.  Athena takes the mysterious panties Alex broght and wraps them around Alexandria’s head, taking selfies of Alex just to add insult to injury.  Out matched, out wrestled, out classed, Alex is completely DESTROYED by his mistress!  Match, Athena Law!




Length: 11:42

Size: 1.21 GB