“Beat the Haole!”






Tsunami has had a good run!  Boasting an undefeated record in MMW.  She is known for being stone cold, emotionless  expressionless, she comes in, wrecks house, goes home.  Not much to say accept Tsunami is a bad, BAD woman!  DESTROYING Alexandria Hamilton, out wrestling the Amazon from beginning to end, in the video “I didn’t think she’d show!” ripping out a chunk of her hair as a slap in her face for all her trash talk.  Next was MMW bad girl, Athena Law, normally a woman’s worst nightmare to meet in the ring, however in the video “Quicksilver method, Rule #3” Tsunami gave her a thorough ass beating, reducing her to a crying, sobbing, mess, leaving her cuffed to the ropes, with her face wrapped in barbed wire!  Next was Lizzy Hamilton, The California Queen, the Blonde Amazon, tough as nails, ready to avenge her sister, (Alexandria)’s loss, in the Video “You’re as weak as your sister!” Only to herself, be mauled mercilessly by her tiny opponent, out wrestled, out boxed, pinned, and like Athena, left a sobbing mess, face wrapped in barbed wire, and cuffed to the ropes!  Now it’s Dynamite! Dana’s turn!  And she is not scared!  She has had a decent run, boxing and wrestling, with some notable wins under her belt.  Let’s Wrestle!  After a long, intense stare down, the two woman combatants lock up in the middle of the ring!  Dana has some pro moves up her sleeve, and by all means, is a good wrestler!   7t today, all her experience, all her training, and all her work, means nothing, as Tsunami gives her the beating of her life!  Controlling the entire match, Tsunami uses, camel clutches, surfboards, leg locks, and even dirty tactics to easily take the win!  Vicious strikes to Dana’s gorgeous face, hard, deep punches to her belly, Tsunami unleashes a flurry of techniques, essentially using poor Dana as a practice dummy!  A horrific knee to back surfboard gives Tsunami the opportunity to get get nice, big, gobs, and handfuls of Dana’s thick red mane, as Tsunami uses Dana’s hair to wrench her neck back, dominating round booty opponent in humiliating fashion!  To the canvas, against the ropes, in the corners Tsunami takes pleasure, literally beating poor Dana from pillar to post!   At one moment, cornering her, and sinking her thumbs in to Dana’s eyes!  Dana is cornered while her fellow MMW wrestlers watch.  Some in horror, some cheering on Tsunami.  “It’s ok Dana” “Fight back Dana!” “Beat her ass Tsunami!” “Yeah! Gouge her eyes out!”  The spectators continue to watch as Tsunami mangles Dana in convincing fashion.  Tsunami, picks up and slams Dana to the mat sever times, literally “hulking” her up, then down, throttling the head, beating every ounce of pride out of her curvy thick body.  A final sleeper hold ends this contest.  As Tsunami remains undefeated.  Tsunami exits as we get a last look at poor Dana, KO’d in the ring.  A humiliating loss to add to her once, impressive record.


Length: 08:44

Size: 917 MB