“Day Pass!”






After permanently injuring her last opponent, Athena Law was sentenced and has been spending her days in the County Jail.  In this time, she saw Alex defeat Lora Cross wining the MMW Championship.  The MMW Championship that Athena is convinced SHOULD be hers.  Athena is aware that Alexandria will be issuing an open challenge to any ladies who think they can take her gold strap and has managed to strike a deal with the guards and shows up the MMW Dojo to accept Alexandria’s challenge.  Alex is stunned when Athena’s music hits, and even more surprised to see the former champ show up in handcuffs and county oranges!  The guard unlocks Athena’s handcuffs, Alexandria accepts her challenge, the bell rings, and this match is on!  What a back-&-forth war!  Each lady unleashes all of their pro knowledge trying to overcome the other!  Vicious hairpulling, strikes, submissions, and slams!  Neither lady wanting to give, both with their eye on the belt!  Pedigrees, snap mares, stunners, bonzai drops, clotheslines, body slams, over the shoulder carries, facebusters, corner splashes, crippler crossface, rings of saturn, scissorholds, armbars, leg locks, chinlocks, sleeperholds, skull crushers, camel clutches, boston crab, bearhugs, eye gouges, and more!  Only one can emerge champion.  Which lady will leave with MMW Gold?  Download to find out!




Length: 24:17

Size:  2.52 GB