“Dynam!te Destruction!”






Poor Dana, perhaps she is just a bit too confident in her striking skills, as she has decided to challenge for the MMW title! Such a mistake for the thick red head.  Dana enters in TIGHT, SHINY,  gold, booty shorts, hugging every curve of her round bottom so tightly, her gold gloves matching her tight shorts. Athena enters in tiny, pink, cheeky  shorts, pink gloves to match her fight wear.  Athena looks so cute with her hair in pig tails, it’s hard to believe what  a savage striker she is. After a long, intense stare down, the two women combatants square up in the middle of the ring!  If you are a fan of beat downs, look no further, as Athena mercilessly pummels her larger opponent, Dana’s size advantage means nothing to Athena as she thrashes the red head, dominating her at every exchange, beating her from rope to rope, besting her beautiful face, beating all the fight out of the dynamite! red head!  Dana is overwhelmed and outclassed at every turn, falling victim to Athena’s lightning speed combos as Athena continuously peppers the beauty’s face, beating her silly!  Dana has nothing left as Athena mocks Dana, giving her free shots, closing her eyes, putting her hands behind her back, just to humiliate Dana as she swings wildly and desperately at the MMW Boxing Champion!  Jabs! Hooks! Crosses! Uppercuts! Combos! Belly Punches! Corner Work! Rope Work.  Dana is a punching bag throughout the match.  Finally Athena grows bored of humiliating poor Dana, and gives her one last power shot, sending the Dana crashing face first to the canvas!  Shaking the MMW ring and Dana’s metallic clad booty, and her KO’d body! Athena stands triumphantly above the woman she just defeated, as Dana lie beaten under the superior Boxer!  Match, Athena Law!  Sorry Dana, might wanna dust off the wrestling boots after that beating!


Length: 06:22

Size: 650 MB