“Curse of the Hamilton!”




Dolly Prescott adds another Jobber smashing notch to her belt as she pummels sexy blonde, Lizzy Hamilton in this lop sided, Petite Vs. PAWG, beatdown!  Lizzy looks amazing in her shiny, thong leotard as she climbs through the ropes to face barefoot, bikini clad Dolly.  Unaware of the beating she is about to be fed, Lizzy is cocky as can be as she looks across the ring at her “twig girl” opponent.  The two lock up and Lizzy is immediately outmatched as Dolly sends a knee into Lizzy’s gorgeous, soft belly, folding the milf in half and setting her up for a painful rest of the night!  Dolly abuses Lizzy in humiliating fashion!  Lizzy, continuously crashing to the ring, each time being viciously ripped up by the hair for more punishment!  Punches, Belly Punches, pedigree, stunner, facebuster, rope work, corner work, scissorholds, hair pulling, and more!  Plenty of chokes, and submissions!  Dolly tosses Lizzy out of the ring like yesterdays trash, punishing her jobber even more!  Dolly grabs a steel chair and makes Lizzy eat it!  BIG face slams in to the cold steel chair!  Dolly sets the chair up on the ropes and uses Lizzy’s hair to fling the sexy PAWG head first into the metal!  Lizzy is thrown back into the ring where the assault continues as Dolly flys off the turnbuckles striking Lizzy with double hammerfists sending her crashing to the MMWA canvas!  Shaking the ring and Lizzy’s sexy, thick, battered body! Dolly is not done!  Camel clutch, Wedgies, chokes, submissions, and plenty of humiliating trash talk!  Lizzy finds herself puffy faced and turning red as she writhes helplessly in Dolly’s locked in Sleeperhold.  Lizzy goes limp and Dolly slaps on a leg hook pin for the 1, 2, 3!  Match Dolly Prescott!  Rug to warm Dolly’s feet on for her victory pose, Lizzy Hamilton!
Length: 09:02
Size: 952 MB