“Come Get It!”






The fists are flying!  Harper Rose, and Dolly Prescott both have quite the amount of hype around them, and fans have been waiting to see these two throw some leather!  Harper is on fire! Winning bout after bout, laying out woman, after woman.  Dolly has been on a tear as well, defeating Athena Law in a huge upset, and tearing through the MMW roster, however, Harper is not convince that Dolly has had the same caliber competition as her.  It’s time to see once and for all!  The Heads are snapping, and the hair is  flying as these two gorgeous girls feed each other shot after shot!  Both giving and taking plenty of punishment, until one girl finds and opening and takes control, battering the weaker girl all the way up to the final KO.  Multiple knockdowns!  Jabs! Hooks! Uppercuts! Combos! Belly Punches! Body Shots! And more!  Who will have their hand raised at the end of this instant classic slugfest!?




Length: 08:26

Size: 883 MB