“Slap a Witch!”





Squash Match fan? Perfect! Because we have UNDEFEATED, 100lb, MMW terror, Tsunami! And her unfortunate opponent, the Amazon, thick thigh’d, Round Bottom Jobber, Claire Voyant! Claire is always ready to fight, despite only having ONE win, Claire is ready to shock the Fantasy Wrestling world, and pull off one HELL of an upset! Poor Claire though, it is not the Fantasy Wrestling world, no, it is Claire that is shocked! More like a state of shock, when she feels Tsunami’s strength, and her bare knuckles against her baby face. Claire gets mangled from the opening bell, straight at lockup Tsunami throws two BIG knees right into Claire’s gorgeous, soft, jobber belly. Claire immediately finds herself trapped against the ropes having her midsection battered by Tsunami’s knees! Tsunami uses to giant hand fulls of Claire’s hair to throw her face first to the canvas, shaking the MMW ring, and Claire’s beaten, limp body! We aren’t even 30 seconds in, and this match is all Tsunami, as she spends the duration of the fight beating Claire from pillar to ring post! Chops, stomps, belly punches, face punches, kicks and knees! Tsunami uses low blows, crotch stretches, head scissors, sleepers, chokes, and ring shaking power moves! Tsunami traps Claire in the ropes, a tight grip on her jobber hair, and sends thunderous forearms into Claire’s lovely, large chest! Claire has nowhere to go but out, as she falls to the mat outside the ring, but Tsunami is not far behind! Tsunami sets a steel chair down and ripping Claire to her feet by her hair, Tsunami throws Claire’s face into the steel seat, over, and over! Tsunami’s brutality just became a reality to Claire! Tsunami is STILL NOT FINISHED! Again yanking poor Claire to her feet by her thick hair! Claire is groggy and on very wobbly legs, positioning the chair against the ropes, Tsunami again, repeatedly feeds Claire steel, before finally throwing her limp body back into the ring! Tsunami continues her assault with more crotch torture, bends, stretches, strikes, and all out jobber destruction! A modified pedigree sets up Claire for the easy pin, but Tsunami STILL is not finished! Claire is put in one of the most brutal, agonizing, humiliating, hair pull submissions we have seen in the MMW ring! Claire is TRAPPED, nowhere to go, and Tsunami is in complete control, and she rips, tears, pulls, and yanks on Claire’s thick hair, grasping gobs, and gobs of Claire’s poor hair, Claire is frantic and helpless as she moans and groans, crying out with her arms flailing, unable to break the vicious hair pull hold! Claire has no choice but to submit! But Tsunami wants to add another scalp to her collection, so she does not exit before she gets a sexy leg hook pin on Claire! Enter victory pose, and this match has concluded! Your winner, and STILL, undefeated, Tsunami!


Length: 08:56

Size: 947 MB