“Caught, Blue Pantie’d!”






Alexandria storms into the MMW dojo, furious and holding a pair of mysterious blue panties.  She sees Athena stretching in the ring and is convince that the panties she found in her boyfriends room belonged to Athena.  Athena strongly denies the allegations, gut Alexandria is not satisfied.  She climbs in to the ring and proceeds to destroy Athena.  Athena is no match for Alex as  Alex pummels her around the ring with punches, kicks, stomps, and knees.  Alex is just getting started as she ragdolls Athena in humiliating fashion!  Vicious hair pulling, chokes, camel clutches, low blows, and more!  Athena is a sobbing mess as Alex pulls her pants down to reveal Athena wearing the same type of panties Alex found in her boyfriends room.  Alex is livid and continuous her assault on Athena with wedgies, taunting and more chokes!  Finally Alex is ready to leave and go find her boyfriend, but she is not done humiliating Athena.  Alex puts the panties on Athena’s head before KO’ing her with a sleeperhold!  Match, Alexandria.  Poor Athena.  I’m sure she will choose her men a little more wisely in the future.



Length: 06:32

Size: 690 MB