“Carry Stories!”







Alexandria Hamilton teaches Athena Law a painful message in humility as she punishes the former champ in dominating, and humiliating fashion in this Jobber crushing beatdown! Alexandria carries Athena in to the dojo from backstage with an over the shoulder carry, setting the tone right off the bat, and showing who the dominant woman is from the getgo! Athena is dumped into the ring where her nightmare begins! Alex is relentless in her assault. Continuously ripping Athena to her feet by the hair to break the young milf some more. Humiliating matchbook pins, over the shoulder carry’s, fireman’s carry’s, hair pulling, airplane spin, bearhug, schoolgirl pin guillotine, headlock, sleeperholds, punches and kicks, rope, and corner work, and tons more! Alex is in full blown heel mode and Athena has nowhere to go! How long will Athena last before Alex becomes bored of squashing this poor, pathetic jobber girl?



Length: 09:54

Size: 1 GB