“Camp Carmin!”







It’s bikini boxing mayhem when Carming travels from Las Vegas to trade blows with America’s BEST Jobber, Alexandria Hamilton!   Alex mocked Carmin’s size, feeling insulted that she is reduced to a catchweight bout to advance in the rankings.  Carmin is ready to prove that small packages pack a mean punch, and unfortunately for Alexandria’s face and belly, Carmin proves her point 10 fold!  Alex puts up a good fight, keeps her hands up, and shows tremendous ccourage in willing to stand with Carmin, but it is no use as Carmin pummels Alexandria from pillar to ring post with razor sharp combos, big haymakers, jabs, hooks, body shots, uppercuts, and belly punches, sending the thicc woman plummeting to the canvas several times before a final jaw smashing blow puts Alex out for the 10 count!  How embarassing!  Alex drops in the ranks as Carrmin advances.  Have we seen the last of Carmin?  Is she one and done?  Or is she ready to a title run?  Don’t miss this smash debut!  Download now!




Length: 09:07

Size: 1 GB